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Aarathi Arumugam, Founder and Director of The Party Elves, Singapore

Ryan Hill, General Manager in Singapore

Rajeev Kansal, Principal CFO Centre Asia in Singapore

  • CFO CentreI connected with Lillian through my role at the CFO Centre. Together with her team she completed an Organisational Development project for a Members Club I am involved with and she participates in the Quarterly CFO Centre Business Development Forum that we run. The forum is a platform to describe our “perfect client”, explore our networks for each other. Through her presentations, I got to understand her role as a business coach - and subsequently engaged her personally.

    Steve Settle Managing Director, CFO Centre, Asia
  • The British Club Following a recommendation, the British Club invited MATCHFiT to engage with us in respect of a potential Organisational Development health check of our HR talent, capabilities and processes. MATCHFiT provided a very well qualified team with skills and experience within Talent Management,  Organisational Development, Leadership and Management, who quickly understood our objectives and worked with us to develop an agreed scope of work and related engagement terms. Thereafter the team delivered on the scope of the project, on time, with the use of senior resource whilst providing appropriate feedback, as agreed, along the way. The outcome of the work undertaken by MATCHFiT was a concise report containing sensible conclusions and pragmatic and achievable recommended actions, both about people and processes, that will help drive the development of our organisation through a period of transition. Subsequent to the engagement, MATCHFiT have continued to follow up and offer their thoughts on our progress. I would have no hesitation in recommending the MATCHFiT team.

    Damian Hills President, British Club
  • I first heard about MATCHFiT through a colleague who discussed the impact on their career and life having engaged one of their Career and Executive Coaches.  I connected with the company and met with their Lead Executive Leadership Coach Lillian. It’s rare that you come across a talent like hers.  She is professional, insightful, and a phenomenal listener. She has a true gift and I would highly recommend her and MFiT's services! She is a real gem to the professional community of Singapore.

    Mark Zimmerman Healthcare Portfolio and Relationship Director, Global
  • Through my previous coaching process with MFiT, l learnt how important it is and the benefit it brings me . We continued the partnership with a focus on Leadership and Executive Coaching. once the initial career goal was attained which is paying dividends.   Navigating the role, the complexities it brings, carving out internal structures for my areas of responsibilities and future goals for the business unit. Working on the softer skills to enhance my leadership style and  FWD for career advancement. A personal thank you for  your support and as Lillian always said, “there is always a link between our personal and professional lives, it’s not possible completely separate the two.”

    Jethro Goodchild Chief Investment Officer
  • I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Lilian and her MATCHFiT Team. Wow! What an experience! To be frank I was absolutely blown away by the depth of quality of insight by Lillian. A lot of organisations deliver what’s on their websites. That’s called “meeting customer expectation”, “their ticket to play” and that is what Lilian and her team do. The difference with MFiT is in their methodologies and frameworks. The value is delivered with a real and palpable passion for the individual while keeping focus on the objective and the outcome. Lillian is a great leader and visionary. She has a wit and a passion for the person under the professional. I strongly recommend Lilian and her MATCHFiT team to people and organisations that need to put the wind back in the sails as we all navigate the Covid and post-covid times.

    Charles Goudman Executive Program Director, CMT Consult
  • I started out being skeptical of one on one coaching as it wasn’t something I thought I needed. However, as part of my leadership development a Learning and Development partner was engaged. It was during this period of 6 months working with MATCHFiT, the process opened my mind to the idea and I soon realised the benefit of the word, vulnerability. During the coaching sessions and afterwards I learned new things about myself, viewpoints, perspective and new ways of achieving the same objective differently with even better results personally and for others. Communication is a critical skill regardless of position or industry.

    Sinyee Koh MD Compliance & Regulatory Consulting, Duff & Phelps, Singapore
  • On point; insightful; professional; driven; superior coaching skills and an excellent communicator are just some of the standout capabilities I would use to describe MATCHFiT Consults when thinking of my time working with them. Experts in their craft, providing an effective and confidential forum to achieve agreed personal, professional and/organisational milestones by working through, at times, challenging subject matter to create improved outcomes and optimal performance. I look forward to working with team on our next project together.

    Nicole La Galia Global People Leader
  • I engaged MATCHFiT for Executive Coaching plus professional assistance on improving social media profiles and content plus an overhaul of my CV and how to present myself and career. They provided thoughtful and insightful advice as well as quality coaching and mentoring guidance by encouraging internal reflection through pointed and sometimes confronting questions. I found the experience to be great value and would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking career coaching, resume tips and strategies to help land your next big role.

    Andrew Change Director Technology & Finance, Singapore
  • I engaged with MATCHFiT after a recommendation for executive coaching and had the pleasure of working with Lillian. She does not take any prisoners, doesn't pull punches nor sugarcoat the situation. There are no prizes for feeling sorry for yourself and blaming the World. Her job is to strip you back, lay down the law, get you back on track, point you in the right direction and press the reset button. Believe in yourself because she will believe in you and get you to where you want to be.

    Arabella Regional Director Luxury Brands, Singapore
  • Spend an hour with this woman, and you get the impression she knows you better than you know yourself. Knowing yourself like Lillian gets to know you helps you identify and realise your strengths, weakness and focus on the right opportunities. MFiT coached me through a lifecycle to support transitioning into a new industry sector, plus managing the many steps and phases of the recruitment process once I had engaged with hiring professionals.  Our work together made sure I was market-ready to present my best self.

    Stephen Chief Marketing Officer (Information Technology), SEA
  • After the frustration with outplacement provided by my previous employer, the recommendation to MFiT was appreciated. The comprehensive and proactive approach, intensity of focus around key areas of search activity, personal marketing strategy, interview behaviours and wellbeing made a positive impact on results. If redundancy is your ‘as is’ knowing you have direct access to responsive personnel and resources with a reassuring positive manner, it’s key. MFiT focus on achieving your objectives while providing honest, professional advice and coaching on all aspects of career search and development. I wholeheartedly recommend Lillian and the team to anybody in need of outplacement services.

    Tim Managing Director, Financial Services, APAC
  • Testimonial The Party ElvesI engaged MATCHFiT business coaching services initially which were conducted on a face to face basis prior to the Circuit Breaker here in Singapore. As we had discussed a few pieces that we wanted to continue with, we decided to keep going and take the outcomes from the coaching into a consulting phase to action the learnings on to a virtual platform. Between emails and regular check in calls with first Lillian, and then with Elisabeth working together to make sure collectively our understanding business needs were aligned and timelines discussed and agreed. The smooth flow from in person to virtual plus the transfer of information and receiving of solutions to the highlighted challenges was smooth, quick and refreshing. It was because of their solutions, highlighting of blind spots, and direct and open communication albeit virtually that I finally solved an issue that has probably been on the back burner for a year or so. So virtual or face to face, the straight forward and honest feedback and methods of working that ensures quick decision making and action does not change, and is great for small businesses like ours.

    Aarathi Arumugan Founder and CEO, The Party Elves, Singapore
  • Testimonial CFO CentreI have been working with Lillian now for 6 months. The coaches’ role is an interesting one - questioning, challenging, reflecting on what has been said and aiming to draw the best from the individual without undue influence. I have worked with a number of business coaches throughout my career and they have all had a positive impact. There is always benefit from having an outsider observe and question your actions/intentions. Without being specific, I engaged MATCHFiT because I had a gap in my expectations of myself. Lillian and I spent a number of hours in discussion and at some stage, through coaching partnership, I inwardly questioned my internal process. When I now reflect, we achieved a lot. I learned a lot about myself, and I am in a much better place to be the best that I can be. I look forward to continuing the process and continuing to develop my understanding and capability.

    Steve Settle Managing Director, CFO Centre, Asia
  • CFO CentreI was recommended to MATCHFiT by a business associate who had was retrenched who subsequently rejected the outplacement service provided by his ex-employer and found solace with MFiT. He maintained that they understood him better than he knew himself and an incredible help to him working out what he wanted to do which subsequently led to securing the right job role through their outplacement services and career coaching. It was this level of success that led me to engage their business coaching services which the wider team and I benefited from immensely as it allowed me to work on areas that allowed the business to take on other areas of accountability.

    Steve Settle MD (Financial Services), CFO Centre, Asia
  • I first heard about MATCHFiT through a colleague who discussed the impact on their career and life having engaged one of their Career and Executive Coaches.  I connected with the company and met with their Lead Executive Leadership Coach Lillian. It’s rare that you come across a talent like hers.  She is professional, insightful, and a phenomenal listener. She has a true gift and I would highly recommend her and MFiT's services! She is a real gem to the professional community of Singapore.

    Mark Zimmerman Healthcare Portfolio and Relationship Director, Global
  • I engaged MATCHFiT's “Career Preparation Programme” with a specific focus on helping to develop and refine my CV and update my online profile. Lillian is an expert in her field who asks the tough questions to ensure nothing is left to chance. Lillian is an excellent communicator who excels at peeling back your layers to really allow you to uncover and define the real you. The time and experience working with Lillian was exceptional and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for career, or executive coaching and support.

    Adam Dundas APAC Sales Director, Food Industry
  • I felt I got a lot out of the LinkedIn workshop; very useful and informative. I truly appreciated the customized suggestions on my profile. I definitely have a better understanding of the website dynamics and metrics now. Thanks, MFiT for a great session! [Online Coaching Workshop 'Leveraging LinkedIn']

    Cate Loduca Culinology Leader Asia Pacific
  • MATCHFiT helped me to strategically approach my career view, how I presented the correlation between what I did in previous roles and what I do now plus the value I bring to organisations. All with a view of aligning this to what I want to achieve as a person. Working with Lillian and her ability to understand me as much as the market meant, I didn't feel like just another client being walked through the motions. I value her professional opinion and view,  her candor when discussing how to navigate the market following a long time in a single organisation. Working with Lillian has changed how I think about career and what I need to invest from a personal perspective on an ongoing basis to improve what I'm getting out of work.

    Andrew Boote (Technology, Operations, Finance)
  • I had the pleasure to work with MATCHFiT and be coached by their head coach Lillian Latto during my recent career transition. I found the coaching process to be very supportive, insightful and strategic when helping me to redefine my career goals and future career plans. She provided engaging dialogue which challenged my thinking, perspective and helped me to hone in on my strengths as well as areas to focus on to achieve my objectives. I would recommend her to any organization or individual looking to design and succeed in driving employee growth and engagement.

    Kimberly Nelson Chief Marketing Officer, JLL
  • MFiT have my strongest endorsement and recommendation. Lillian provided me with invaluable support and insight into myself and my personal attributes through coaching me through a process to meet a number of career objectives.  She was excellent at separating emotion from facts, asking probing questions and digging into the real detail on what motivates me, where do I want my career to go, how do I get there and why career change was important at this point in time which in turn enabled me to clearly articulate  my value proposition over time. Whilst I thought I could prepare on my own for career transition and all that comes with it, after a few sessions a whole new perspective became clear. I could see potential gaps appearing, engaging a coach to understand and uncover, challenge, co-create then practice with was discomforting at first but invaluable in the end. I felt polished and confident for any client engagement including the inevitable interviews after going through a coaching process.

    Jethro Goodchild Chief Investment Officer , FWD, APAC
  • Lillian and the MATCHFiT team have been a great help for me on many fronts in getting insights with regards to the Singapore market and my approach towards landing a role having not worked in Asia before. Lillian is both knowledgeable and inspiring. Coaching me every step of the way, supporting my decision making and helping to shape what I want from my career and my next role. The CPCP really helped me to focus on my key areas.  I recommend working with her if you need a professional, fresh pair of eyes towards how to land your next opportunity.

    Timea Human Resources Business Partner (Retail), Europe
  • With my need to return to work having taken time out after relocating to Singapore and subsequently becoming a parent. It’d been a while since I'd been in the workplace, plus I never worked in Asia and found the recruitment circuit hard to navigate. I enrolled in the CPCP, which helped tremendously from what information to present in my CV, to online branding, in particular, LinkedIn, interview coaching, working with recruitment consultants and personal application. The most important thing for me, was the discovery element, my what and how I wanted to work. The EDDC programme supported my thinking, provided the tools to achieve my goals and have the confidence to do it. I couldn't recommend them more.

    Helen Marketing Manager (Technology), UK
  • Working with Matchfit was exactly what I needed to help clear the fog of transitioning from one role to another. Lillian is an expert in her field. A consummate professional she coached me through my career change with pragmatism and detail. She was able to preempt situations that arose during the hiring process between the recruitment consultant, myself and the hiring company. She offered strategic advice to manage this relationship and expectations. Her knowledge and guidance is invaluable.

    Bella Director of Design South East Asia & Korea, IHG
  • Lillian was very influential in my early career development days which to this day very grateful. She was inspiring, thought-provoking, honest and fun to be with. She really made me think about what I wanted and how I was to achieve it. Coaching me through the transition into management, how to work with different personalities and lead laid the foundation to where I am now. I still use some of the practices for my management team today.

    Director - Executive Headhunter within the Downstream, Lubricants, Chemicals & Driling Fluids Sectors, Europe

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