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Take a look at what we do and how we can transition and transform your business and your career through consultancy and coaching.

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring professionals, from entry level management through to Executive and C-suite leadership,  plus ‘Returnees‘ reentering the workforce after having opted out for a while. We work with our business clients on site with their talent to support, guide and equip them with strategies to enhance theirs and their teams performance. We prepare talent for their next promotion or transitioning into leadership roles.  We equip you and those who make a personal investment in self with the tools needed to take steps toward a new rolenew vocationnew working environment and culture.  Either way we’re always working with you in preparation for career  fulfilment and advancement.

Listening to your inner voice to help unlock all your talents to allow you to showcase your true abilities.

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Outplacement Consultancy

Working closely with key stakeholders to understand the drivers behind the realignment of the business. A vital factor and a key enabler that assists the affected parties to transition into new roles and careers with their Value Proposition in place.  It’s important to get this right.

Providing end to end outplacement consultancy means working with you from informing the affected parties to designing and developing personal career strategy plans to ongoing support outside their employment with you Keeping all concerned on track with a focus on becoming Market Ready  through our Career Preparation Programme.

Our aim is to provide an  environment where issues and concerns are addressed and resolved for a bright future ahead.

Business Transformation

Business Transformation is a huge topic with many subsections. MATCHFiT works with you to transition ambition into action into results to increase top-line growth, optimising profit or improving operational performance through workflow fluidity, business process re-engineeringchange managementorganisational development, technology, coaching and leadership and management training. In essence, the ‘process’  behind the company that provides ROI. We’re passionate about it.

We like to connect the dots for individuals and businesses alike. All in the name of reaching your potential.

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