Outplacement Consultancy Programme

The right tools in your toolbox and support for a smoother transition

When a business outcome leads to redundancy, it’s challenging for all concerned. That’s why our first priority is the wellbeing of the affected employees, HR professionals and business leaders. We create an environment to resolve issues and concerns to ease the complexities around exiting employment. We equip the retrenched with the necessary mindset and functional tools to engage confidently with hiring and recruitment professionals with their value proposition firmly in place. Our Outplacement Programme ensures they are ‘market ready’ to transition into a role with the right FiT making it easier for everyone.

Tried and Tested – Our Outplacement Consultancy Programme

With our combined talent management, coaching and business consultancy knowledge and experience, we’ve developed a programme to facilitate the outplacement journey for you and the departing employees. Our methods are aligned to the global fight for talent and how company’s engage resources in today’s world. Focusing on the following interdependent key areas:

Announcement  |  Wellbeing  |  Personal Strategy and Career Planning  |  Functional Strategy Marketing Tools  |  Connecting with Head Hunters and Hiring Professionals  |  Activating Interviews  |  Securing Negotiations

Functional Process

Clear objectives bring clarity required to effectively exit affected parties. Practical support gains traction in the chosen market, industry and function.

Step by Step

  • 1. Wellbeing

    Address thoughts, feelings and perspectives.

  • 2. Market Ready

    Review of marketing tools to convince the audience.

  • 3. Digital Presence

    Create a digital strategy and presence.

  • 4. Search Strategy

    Co-create and enhance an effective search strategy.

  • 5. Raising visibility

    Building and maximising a network.

  • 6. Applying for Roles

    Role and company alignment.

  • 7. Presenting Self

    Articulating value proposition.

  • 8. In Flight Coaching

    Managing the hiring lifecycle process.

Our goal is supporting you through the transition.

With the space, environment and opportunity to turn retrenchment in to a more positive experience. Where an awareness is brought about self turning Aha moments (the mind) into T Dah! (the action). Through exploring, discovering and defining your who, what, why, how, where and when and what that means to you going forward.

We work with you to realise your new objectives.

Programme Options

3 Months 6 Months (A) 6 Months (B)
One to One Coaching + + +
Off-site Coaching + +
Emergency Access Coaching + +
Career Preparation Steps + + +
Leveraging MFiT’s Network + + +
Connecting with Recruiters + + +
Application Intervention + +
Interview Research Support + +
In Flight Coaching + +
Executive Presentation Support +
On boarding Support +
Transitional Coaching +

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