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Through discovering what it is you really want to achieve in your professional and personal life your future gains more clarity. Are they the same thing? Not necessarily. These components are interdependent, MATCHFiT develop strategies to facilitate your ambitions.

For Individuals

It takes more than a Resume to unleash your potential. Here’s what we can do for you.


Coaching is not just for Executives. It’s for everyone regardless of where you are on the career ladder, and for those who stepped off for a while and now want to return. The common denominator for us in all those situations is creating a safe environment where vulnerability is welcome, so we can see ourselves clearly, in order to achieve our career objectives. Transparency is key, as is building a relationship, listening, encouraging open dialogue and communication through focussed questioning that allows reflection and at times challenge, but most of all to acknowledge that no two clients are the same. Your career aspirations are personal.

Coaching presents an opportunity to explore and discover your specific needs, areas of support, topics and subjects that require focus. We guide you through a process that supports you to achieve your goals be that returning to work having taken time out or personal career development and advancement, transitioning in to a new role, company or function, or when you’re at a crossroads in your career and feel directionless. All scenarios can way heavy on the mind.

Our purpose is to improve our coachee’s performance in their current roles or situation and provide guidance to enhance current skills. Inspire and encourage you to acquire new ones to achieve your end goal plus structure and accountability for your actions. Through our coaching programmes we can achieve this together.

| ‘Returnees’ Returning to the Workplace | Entry – C-Suite Executives | Directional | Transitional |

Career Preparation Programme

Navigating the landscape when looking for a new role or entering back in to the workforce or deciding to go it alone can be daunting.  The where, how, when and with whom can be a conundrum. With our years of experience in the Talent Management, Coaching and Consulting fields, we have devised a programme to ensure you are FiT for purpose, market ready with your value proposition firmly in place, ready to engage with hiring professionals or your target audience.

We explore, discover encourage, support and guide through the coaching process which touches every element of the programme and at times, direct and consult. The lifecycle takes you from CV and Biography content, to how to present these  to managing hiring professionals or your industry audience, applying for roles, securing contracts, how to present self in a meeting or an interview to managing your own recruitment process.  It’s your journey of transformation.

CV Presentation

Career transition and transformation is a journey, so you’re going to need a reliable vehicle. Your CV, the Resume, Precis, Calling Card, the many names given, is just that. CV writing isn’t something you’re taught, it’s a skill in itself.  Content is what’s important because that’s what hiring professionals are interested in, that’s what piques their interest and keeps them engaged. Let’s get it right, be it in its digital or physical form. 

Your CV is a vital marketing tool particularly as hiring professionals utilise many digital platforms to locate talent. This is your digital voice. It’s the means that gets you through the door, gets you noticed and take centre stage.

Make your CV an accurate representation of you in all forms.  Let your future employer get to know you before they meet you in person.  We can help you with that.

Social Media Advocacy

Now like never before social media is ever present. A tool used by hiring professionals, corporates and bloggers alike. It’s key to possess a visible cyber presence whoever you are and whatever you do. Being connected to your role, career, vertical, industry or company by possessing a voice that highlights your values and objective without being physically present. It;s how we’re seen and heard in today’s world.

A clear representation of who you are, what you do and importantly how you do it. A virtual elevator pitch on all platforms applicable to your business, industry, your role and your company. Create an impression before they meet you in person. We can show you how to increase your online branding presence.

Career Strategy Planning

MATCHFiT work outside the realms of recruitment consultancies and within career direction management and outplacement consultancy. We prepare you for career advancement. Allowing readiness to approach third parties confidently. With clear goals, expectations and your value proposition in place. So you can be the best you can be when it matters most.

We’re the starting point of picking up from where you left off. Returning to work, a career, a role you once loved or a new found passion. Plus, for those who wish to develop in their current position. Either way, we assist you to be the best you can be to reach your potential. Coaching and mentoring has no limitations. You don’t have to be an Executive or Senior Manager to reap the rewards to gain a competitive edge. Developing a strategy for career is important and it’s inclusive.

MATCHFiT focuses on you. To start we take the time out to understand your point A and B. What is it you wish to achieve and where you are on that journey? Working out differentiators, skill or education gaps, areas where additional support is required to include interview behaviours and creative solutions to your where next? We support you to connect the dots, devise a plan of action to get you there. Transforming and Transitioning careers.

Start Connecting The Dots Right Away.