Engagement Lifecycle Coaching Programme

Engagement Lifecycle Coaching Programme

Securing Your Career Goals.

Presenting your best self when it matters most.

When engaged in this programme, we become your partner in crime, cheerleaders, sounding board and devil’s advocate providing the space to gather, reflect and organise and shape your thoughts. Evaluate happenings and events as they occur real-time, so you know when and how to push or pull to advance yourself through the stages. We make ourselves available to provide real-time support when you’re in a process to ensure you’re comfortable with the unknown to present your best self every time.

Our coaching method focuses on your interaction and delivery within the hiring process, the Why, the Who, the How and with Whom. Having a safe space to share, reflect, evaluate and mitigate the temptation of falling in with self-limiting beliefs as they sit on one’s shoulder goading the subconscious. Many years of Talent Management and coaching experience provides a perspective that allows us to dive deep into the mindset of all the moving parts plus what your role is within it.

The ELCP connects all your dots, where the Coach and Coachee work as one, cohesively and ‘tightly’ running alongside each other at the same pace, living the same journey, so you don’t miss a step and make it across the finish line.

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