Explore, Discover and Define Coaching Programme

Explore, Discover and Define Coaching Programme

Creating Your Future Career Path.

EDDC facilitates unadulterated conversations to explore your ‘as is’, your crossroads, reasons and motivators for change.

Discover what they mean to you, what’s important, the relationship between life, career and their cause and effect.  Leaving us to examine and explore patterns, possibilities, unearth self-limiting beliefs, understand triggers, develop strategies, all the while shaping and defining your next steps and how to actuate your ambition. It releases you from being stuck, so you can begin to put one foot in front of the other again as we walk down your path.

Surprising for some, we never ask for your CV or supporting documents during this process.  Our relationship, getting to know you begins without external influences, a blank sheet is where we start, where we finish, is with you naming your future and identifying your next steps. Remaining impartial and providing an environment where confidentiality is a given, trust sits with it allowing levels of honesty you’ve probably not allowed yourself to have or anyone else before, that in itself is freeing, giving way to what’s to come.

What we know is everyone’s journey is different, that said, we share a few common denominators because we’re human. Whatever your thinking or feeling right now, you’re not alone. This is all-inclusive coaching for executives, business owners, ambitious employees or ones returning to the workforce (returnees), and those who wish to transition or transform their careers.

EDDC paves the way through the forest bringing clarity, direction and action.

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