Career Preparation Coaching Programme

Career Preparation Coaching Programme

Creating Your Future Career Path.

CPCP combines coaching and functional exercises to take you to where you want to be.

During this journey, you will also achieve increased levels of wellbeing, empowerment, mindset shifts and the confidence to embrace your next chapter bringing you peace of mind, balance, pace and rhythm that works for you.

Navigating the career landscape when looking for a new role externally, internally or when re-entering the workforce or proactively planning what your future career looks like can be daunting. All the questions, queries, thoughts and feelings can be a conundrum, especially if you’re experiencing your values and beliefs are no longer aligned with your current situation or environment. Or is it you’re experiencing a lack of recognition, no room for growth, a toxic environment, no work-life balance or you prefer to be proactive and map out in preparation for your next promotion or country move. If this resonates, your ambition for change, your why, is beginning to form.

Don’t be surprised when we don’t ask for your CV or supporting documents when we meet for the first time. We want our relationship to begin without external influences, starting with you and a blank sheet because we feel it’s the best way to learn about the person in front of us in their own words. We actively listen to what we call your ‘as is’ to ensure we hear and understand precisely as you see your situation so we can get you to where you want to be. Through coaching conversations, functional exercises and co-creation, we support you while you transition with confidence with the right tools to take your next steps.

Do be prepared for a lot of hard work from both sides, change doesn’t come easy and certainly doesn’t come without pain. This time they’ll be growing pains that you can leverage and take with you into your next actions.

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If you feel you’re not ready for this yet, and want to work out what your next steps look like, read more about the Explore, Discover and Define Coaching Programme or contact us about our bespoke coaching services tailored to your specific needs.

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