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Actioning the next step in your career mindfully and strategically, so you don’t waste time and energy down a path that bears no fruit.

Our Coaching methods support your current, future role market-ready journey while keeping you accountable. Enabling a higher engagement rate with hiring professionals, decision-makers about the promotions and opportunities you wish to attract and secure. We partner you in the transition to achieve the career transformation you desire and more importantly designed.

Our coaching connects your dots, articulates your career trajectory, ensures skill gaps are filled and elevates your value proposition above your competitors. We are the conduit in your career journey, leaving nothing to chance. It takes more than a CV to unleash your potential.

Find out more about our Career Coaching Programmes, Executive and Leadership Coaching Packages for Individuals investing in their futures. 

Here’s what we can do for you.

Solution - Transition - Transform


Explore, Discover and Define Coaching Programme (EDDCP)

Providing Clarity For Your Next Steps

When you’re at a point in life, career or business and existing with the feeling of uncertainty, not knowing what’s holding you back from moving forward or which direction to take, or when identified topics show up with no solution, just confusion. All you want is to see the woods from the trees, gain perspective – clarity is the objective, gaining control and putting a stop to being an observer of your what’s taking place in your life and career. Our coaching supports your thinking, clearing the fog to reveal clear goals, where together we shape and define your game plan.
Our ICF credentialed coaches actively listen to hear and learn precisely what we call your ‘as is’ situation—allowing us to explore and discover where you are, where you want to be and why, so that we can get you there.

Career Preparation Coaching Programme (CPCP)

Internal, External, or Returning To The Workplace – Your Market Ready Journey

Transitioning, transforming or preparing one’s career path isn’t an overnight thing. Nor is it just about having a credible CV or an outstanding LinkedIn profile even though through this process you will achieve both.

That’s why we designed and developed a programme that draws from our experience within Coaching, Talent Management and Consulting fields to address the pain points associated and facilitate your market-ready journey. No more wasting time or energy focusing on the wrong things or missing crucial ones because we ensure you have all your chess pieces in place to increase your attraction and success rate when you allow yourself and the world know you’re ready to engage to transition and transform your career.

Career Preparation Coaching Programme

Engagement Lifecycle Coaching Programme (ELCP)

Securing Your Career Goals

The ELCP allows us to walk with you through shoulder to shoulder in the same way a sports coach would when preparing top athletes for the sporting event of the season.

The interview process is the event, your race, and there’s no room for a false start. We prepare, shed light on behaviours, co-create strategies to ensure you’re present in the moment and cognizant of the next step ahead as it’s quintessential to your success. We come with no agenda; no bias attached to the layered affair of the hiring process. We’re neutral in the multi-dimensional relationship of securing your next role, with one objective, yours, so you gain more engagements for the roles you actually want. Keeping you accountable and true to your objective of securing THE role that meets your criteria, aligned to your experience, knowledge, values and beliefs.

CV Presentation Coaching

Recalibrate Your Career Journey

CV curation isn’t something you’re taught, it’s a skill in itself honed over many years gained in the Talent Management field. Factual content is what’s important, not how ‘good looking’ or if it’s full of high-tech tricks. Cause and impact is what hiring professionals and decision makers are interested in because they speak a thousand words. It’s what piques their interest, answers their initial questions, gets you noticed and leads them to contact you to learn more. In other words, it keeps them engaged and you closer to your career goal. Coaching conversations support the extraction of the necessary details and translating the story oppose to a story. Your career journey is unique to you and that’s the type of information that will elevate you in a sea of resumés. Our ICF certified career coaches aid this process so you achieve a an outstanding document that serves your purpose. Make your CV an accurate representation of you in all forms and let your future employer get to know you before they meet you in person.

We can help you with that.

CV Presentation Coaching

Career Strategy Planning Coaching

Securing Your Future Career Goals

We work outside the realms of recruitment consultancies and within career management coaching, to prepare you for career advancement. You are our focus, no third-party involvement to distract or derail us from your career objectives. CSP is a multi-layered development plan and a sum total of our partnership co-creating your future. A process that provides you with ultimate freedom in your personal development and growth, providing the clarity to make informed decisions about your career goals and how to achieve them. It challenges perspective, expectations of self, sheds light on blind spots, skills, education or experience gaps. It facilitates the necessity of being realistic about where you are in your journey of securing your career goals in the short, medium and long term.

We enable how you evolve into the positions you see in your mind’s eye, milestone by milestone.

Everyone’s path is different, what shape will yours take?

Interview Coaching

Preparing to Perform

Interview coaching is the pinnacle of securing your next opportunity. Like it or not, it’s at this point in the journey where we’re all become sales consultants.

Our highly qualified talent management coaches will help you prepare on two levels. Level 1 provides coaching for common interview and difficult questions, how to demonstrate the employer’s culture, navigate panels and presentations or even what to wear.  At Level 2, we dive deeper into your displayed behaviours – positive and negative, body language, framing, articulating your value proposition, addressing specific areas of concern, anxieties and fears to create a new mindset. It’s the rehearsal to the pressure test, and that’s why role-playing is essential to what we do here, so you’re pitch-perfect, at ease with yourself and authentic when it matters most.

We make sure you’re ready for a hat trick – nothing worse than hitting the goal post.

Explore Discover Define Coaching Programme

Social Media Advocacy – Leveraging LinkedIn

Let your audience know you virtually before they meet you physically.

Now, like never before social media is ever present and for most LinkedIn is at the top of the list. A tool used by hiring professionals, business leaders and job hunters alike. LinkedIn is a vital tool whoever you are and whatever you do – being connected to your tribe by business, career, vertical, industry. LinkedIn provides a platform to showcase your voice, values, contribution to your community and objectives without being physically present. It’s how we’re seen and heard in today’s world.

We help you create your virtual elevator pitch and increase your LinkedIn presence by actively listening to understand and shed light on your super powers and getting them on the page.

Raising your visibility to attract and connect with your audience.

Start Connecting The Dots Right Away.