Coaching Services

Listening to your inner voice to unlock your talents and showcase your true abilities.

Coaching for Businesses

A company’s top talent is their Olympic track team who like top athletes face strict regimes, at times long hours, setbacks and victories, while remaining to achieve their goals. Athletes focus on mindset, health and wellness, training, performance measurement, succeeding and superseding expectations. Sound familiar?
Our ICF credentialed coaches activate the change agent within each member of your management team to gain a deeper connection to company values and personal goals. Exploring and developing a greater understanding of who they are in the place of work, blindspots and of equal importance, communication, their behaviours and the impact on self and others, making way for authentic leadership and cultural harmony.

Coaching for Individuals

Career Coaching is not just for Executives, it’s for everyone. It holds no barriers or boundaries and nor do our ICF credentialed coaches. Wherever you are on the career ladder, if you stepped off for a while and want to return or you’re at a crossroads, career coaching is inclusive. We encourage open dialogue and communication to see and hear you clearly without judgment or bias. Learning about the correlation between work and life, so together we can go deeper into your situation. Supporting you in naming your career and personal objectives to realise your potential and achieve the change you want to see. No two clients are the same, your career journey is personal. We keep it that way, confidential and individual.

Executive and Career Coaching Explained.

Coaching is for everyone whether you’re at the top or starting the climb of the career ladder, maybe you’ve stepped off it for a while and now want to return. You could be at a crossroads or the beginning of a new journey. It’s all-inclusive when it comes to navigating the idiosyncrasies between career and life goals  – the professional versus the person.

Executive and Career coaching are both result-oriented systematic processes where the coach and the coachee work in partnership. Executive coaching facilitates increased productivity and performance relating to company and personal objectives, plus navigating all that comes with being a leader in good and tough times. Career coaching provides an opportunity to explore and discover your specific needs, desires, and areas of support and blindspots or when at a crossroads or preparing for a transition, or transformation or mapping out your future career development path. Either way, it’s a relationship built on trust and mutual respect where vulnerability, open conversation, undivided attention is given to the spoken and unspoken word. That way we hear and see your perspective allowing us to co-create to achieve your goals. Our objectivity is vital in serving you and keeping your ambitions in sight and on track.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines ‘Coaching’ as ‘partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.’ We couldn’t agree more.

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Coaching and Training – What’s the difference?

We get asked about this a lot. Here is our answer:

Coaching presents an opportunity to work in partnership to explore and discover your specific needs, areas of support, topics and subjects that require focus.

Training is about transferring knowledge to increase learning in new areas. However, it relies on learners remembering the detail so it can be applied to improve performance and productivity.

We believe they co-exist, one needing the other to achieve maximum return on personal and organisational growth.

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