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Development. Optimisation. Transformation.

Organisational Development

Puzzle-solving and big-picture thinking.

In our world, Organisational Development is the science behind a company that keeps the engine of your business and talent optimised, performing and moving forward with balance and room for everyone. Creating workplace cultures and company sustainability where diversity has a voice is a key to any change or new initiatives around mission, vision and how you want to be known.

To achieve this, we take a partnership approach, blending both sides of the tables expertise to facilitate the co-creation of your future through a tailored solution to MATCH your specific needs as no two clients are the same. A tweak, radical change or something in between could be the FiT you need. Whatever your start or future endpoint vision, we drive the positive and transformational change you want to see and be.

Organisational Development

Outplacement Consultancy

The right tools in your toolbox and support for a smoother transition

When a business outcome leads to redundancy, it’s challenging for all concerned. That’s why our first priority is the wellbeing of the affected employees, HR professionals and business leaders. We create an environment to resolve issues and concerns to ease the complexities around exiting employment. We equip the retrenched with the necessary mindset and functional tools to engage confidently with hiring and recruitment professionals with their value proposition firmly in place. Our Outplacement Programme ensures they are ‘market ready’ to transition into a role with the right FiT making it easier for everyone.

Connecting the dots for career continuity. 

Leadership and Management Training

To get the best out of people, it’s all about relationships. Investing time sends a powerful message that your talent is valued and their effort is appreciated. To take them to the next level in their careers and optimise they’re potential, they need a support mechanism. Leadership and management training provides just that. We facilitate to expand knowledge and skills base to increase further the productivity, performance, loyalty and ROI for clients.

Typically, additional responsibility is given to senior people in the business to train others when no dedicated in-house trainers onboard. It’s a great way to share knowledge, but there’s a flipside, namely time. Time taken away from key personnel inevitably impacts your business and overloads your people. Now you don’t have to because we’re here to take the load.

Hone your craft and give yourself the edge.  

Leadership and Management Training

MATCHFiT CONSULTS offers different coaching services for businesses: Leadership & Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Organisational & Team Performance Optimisation Coaching, Leadership & Management Training and Business Coaching. Get detailed information


The neutral in the room.

We support groups of people with differing perspectives to work as a collective. Collaborating to gain an understanding of common denominators, working through differences to know if they belong in the conversation or not, leading us to co-create action plans.
We’re the ‘neutral’ in the room, ensuring all concerned has a voice and is heard. We extract thoughts and feelings, shine a light on creativity and innovative ideas from your people through posing the right questions at the right time, with enough space for discussion and reflection. That’s how we support the union of your talent to define and shape and to ensure you’re MATCHFiT for your future.

A pregnant pause says more than you think.

Human Resource In Country Representation

Be represented when you’re out.

As an extension of your HR function, we take on your identity to become an integral member of the team — representing your values and beliefs when there isn’t a commercial footprint, resources or simply busy and need an extra pair of hands. We manage your recruitment partners in the same way your human resources team would do in-house, connecting with the talent your recruitment partners provide. Increasing the ability to communicate your message, action business decisions in the same time zone, without delays. Our focus is to execute and deliver against your company objectives, so you fly less, contribute to the planet more, increase ‘office’ time to focus on other business objectives. Whilst we increase your talent base and, in some cases, as you sleep.

Connect the dots to leverage your reach.

Human Resources In Country Represenation

LinkedIn Advocacy

Let your audience know you virtually before they meet you physically.

Now, like never before social media is ever present and for most LinkedIn is at the top of the list. A tool used by hiring professionals, business leaders and job hunters alike. LinkedIn is a vital tool whoever you are and whatever you do — being connected to your tribe by business, career, vertical, industry, LinkedIn provides a platform to showcase your voice, values, contribution to your community and objectives without being physically present. It’s how we’re seen and heard in today’s world.

We help you create your virtual elevator pitch and increase your LinkedIn presence.

Profiling and Assessment Services

Tools used are: DISC | Hogan | Enneagram.

There are no right or wrong answers, nor are Assessments a ‘new age kumbaya sitting by the campfire’ thing. Assessments are steeped in psychology and neuroscience to support the ever-changing needs of individuals, one’s workplace and environment. Assessments support the coaching and organisational change journey, the co-creation and development of authenticity at every level within a company, plus the ability to reach your potential, individually, as a team and the broader organisation. Transformational change is within your reach and enhances your EI.

Leadership Coaching Session

Start Connecting The Dots Right Away.