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This guy exudes unadulterated positive energy so much so, I’m guessing you’re smiling back at him as we found ourselves doing. You can’t help yourself, it’s a subconscious automatic out of your control muscular reaction. That’s what a smile creates even from a stranger and it lifts one’s mood – it’s a winner. This type of energy is contagious, imagine the impact on your day from a wellbeing and performance perspective. Feels good just thinking about it or are you in a space where this seems impossible?

Your wellbeing directly correlates to your performance in the workplace or anywhere else, to be honest. In recent times we’ve seen a welcomed increase in organisations developing and implementing programmes around #employeeengagment to support #mentalclarity and #mentalwellness, which is fantastic, but what more can we do to help ourselves? If you want to look or feel anywhere close to this guy – Happy AT Work, let’s look at the period designed for ME time within the workday.

The Facts.

Did you know the average lunch break is now just 28 minutes, and only 17% of British workers take an hour for lunch according to Ipsos MORI. Plus 1 out of 8 workers (12%) never or hardly ever take a lunch break, and if they do, it’s usually at their desk. This behaviour is bonkers, that said,  many enter the cycle subconsciously. It begs the question, is it ever one’s intention? Before answering it, consider a few other motivating factors and behaviours: employee-driven, internal and external factors/beliefs, company culture, specific leadership styles, and COVID. All points are cited in the top 5 of the CIPD 2021 report on wellbeing, among other insightful information and trends.

Even though we are at the beginning of this journey of workplace wellness, the good news is, SME’s and MNC’s alike are actively engaged in implementing interventions and programmes to contribute to positive change. There’s still work to do to drastically reduce anxiety and stress at work but at least now it’s a WIP and a topic one can discuss openly. Before we get into how you can make a personal change, we want to share more shocking stats and, later and more importantly, a few tips to help you create #headspace to enhance your time at in the office physically or #wfh.

Based on research  South-East Asia ranks 4 out of 6 countries with the longest lunch break, no real surprise if you’ve either had the pleasure to work or visit the East, lunch is not a meal to mess with, it’s an activity in itself and one to be enjoyed along with the likes of Spain and France promoting time out for self, associates and friends to refresh and get away from your desk. A few more details to paint a broader picture:

62% of American workers say they eat lunch at their desks.

44% of employees do not have paid lunch breaks.

43%of employees enjoy paid lunch breaks.

13%of employees say only some lunch breaks are paid.

Wherever you are in the world,  you owe yourself the time to create, activate and gain more joy from what you do Monday to Friday for 40 hours a week or more. Here are our tips on how.

#Selfcare Plan

  1. Try the tip (see below) that resonates the most and stick with it, achieving the goal is a reward in itself.
  2.  Don’t try to do more than one until you’ve accomplished your daily goal for at least a month – it’s in the science.
  3.  Make a commitment to yourself of how many times and duration per week you wish to achieve  – your goal.
  4.  Block the time out in your schedule as busy or any other suitable adjective
  5. Be prepared to say NO to others who impede on your #headspace time – explain your why – take pride in your #selfcare

Our Lunch Time Tips.

  1. Take a walk – fresh air and natural light plus a change in scenery reduces stress and anxiety and calms the mind.
  2. Meet a friend for a coffee – chat about non-work subjects, it refreshes and distracts, which is a positive as it changes your thinking.
  3. Retail therapy, online or physical – within your means – changes one’s mood
  4. Social media check-in  or with the other half of your life
  5. Back, shoulder neck massage – destressing
  6. Reflexology – relaxation and improves brain power
  7. Mini facial – releases tension and  it feels good to be pampered
  8. Read your favourite novel or catch up on your favourite programme – sometimes a distraction or a level of escapism hits the spot.
  9. Hit the gym, yoga or pilates – stretch yourself out, revitalise mind, body and soul
  10. Call a friend or loved one – a chit chat and a giggle – the power of laughter is not to be underestimated
  11. Play a game – chess, word puzzle, sudoku, a video game – use a different part of your brain
  12. Reflect on the impact and outcome of the changes you’ve made, how you feel and productivity – this is action learning.

It’s this guy again – be him and create the #headspace and #mentalclarity to crush goals. meet your potential with your wellbeing intact. We’re in a period of unlearning and being uncomfortable before we become comfortable, a pain barrier that brings a huge sense of achievement in the face of accomplishment.

Here’s the link to the CIPD 2021 Health and Wellbeing Survey Report.

CIPD Report Link

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