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Sticks and stones may break my bones, but what are ‘Strong Women’ made of……..?

We discussed it and couldn’t come up with one definitive word or phrase, we did manage several of each and drew the conclusion that it depends on the situation, environment and role, in other words, it needs context.

Today, we would like to congratulate Jessica Tan, Co-Chief Executive Officer and technology czar of China’s financial services and technology giant Ping An Group. Jessica Tan, 43-year-old Singaporean businesswoman, is in the No. 2 spot on Fortune power list. It’s fair to say this fits with one of the descriptions of a strong woman, rising to the top in what could be described as a predominantly male environment. We applaud your achievement, and at the same time, wonder how does everyone else define a strong woman?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments, we’d love to hear what you have to say.

When they see you as a strong woman, they think that you do not need anything or anyone, you can bear everything and will overcome whatever happens. That you do not mind being listened to, cared for or pampered.


When they see you as a strong woman, they just look for you to help them carry their crosses. They talk to you and they think you do not need to be heard.


A strong woman is not asked if she is tired, suffering or falling, if she has anxiety or fear. The important thing is that she is always there: a lighthouse in the fog or a rock in the middle of the sea.


The strong woman is not forgiven anything. If she loses control, she becomes weak. If she loses her temper, she becomes hysterical.


When the strong woman disappears, it is immediately noticeable, but when she is there, her presence is usual.


But the strength that is needed every day, to be that kind of woman, seems to not matter to anyone.


Honour, recognize, respect and thank the strong women in your life, because they also need to be restrained, loved and feel that they can rest.”

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Here’s the full article about Jessica Tan:

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