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Educating is a different type of business where serving people is the role and the ‘end product’. In our view, it has to be in the Top 10 of service providers where relationships mean just about everything.

With the end of the school year upon us, parents, students and teachers alike will be experiencing inevitable change for all sorts of reasons. Transitioning from one school to another as a student, or country or into a new teaching role is always tough emotionally. The conversations between parents and school, teachers and pupils, teachers and staff members, parents and pupils are consciously and or subconsciously loaded. Our verbal and non-verbal communication shapes thoughts, feelings and behaviours from the moment of knowing or deciding you’re leaving, to informing all concerned, to the deed itself.

Michael Nott’s article provides a teachers perspective on the impact of transitioning out and how important ‘framing’ one’s words is at this time.

What we love about this article is Leadership, is leadership is leadership and comes at varying levels. Parental, teacher, head of school or student, they all have a key role as in any commercial industry. In this case, it’s not all about the kids even though they too would benefit from the key points.

Let’s hope the article brings another level of awareness to the powers that be to invest more time in coaching conversations for teachers and pupils alike.

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