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Rushing to drop off the children at school before heading out to work?

Part of what we do is supporting women returning back to work, affectionately referred to as ‘Returnees’. It’s a phrase we use for anyone doing just that having taken time out for whatever reason. Supporting Returnees wasn’t necessarily by design, or was it? Either way, many of the challenges they face, plus their needs and objectives are supported through our Career Preparation Programme (CPP), which was designed to facilitate anyone on the journey of transitioning and or transforming their career path.

So when a colleague shared an article with us by Samantha Johnson of the Huffington Post, a resounding ‘hell yes’! echoed around the office as it reflects some of the feelings and thoughts of our female clients’ experience and some of ours too!! The real conversation we think is:

  1. Why are women so unprepared for the juggle, the decision of motherhood v career? 
  2. When should the preparation for this journey start for females?
  3. When should this start for men?
  4. What else can/should be done about this?
  5. Why is there an expectation that women will pick up the lion share of family responsibility?
  6. Why do women criticise other women for either going to work or staying at home with the kids?
  7. Why isn’t being a fulltime mom or dad recognised as a job/career in itself?
  8. What are employers doing about paternity for both men and women?
  9. What are employers doing about working patterns to accommodate how we live today?
  10. Do you believe that women can have it all and strike a balance?

We could wax lyrical on this subject, but we won’t for now.  Read Samantha Johnson’s article and let us know your thoughts, your experiences. If you’re not comfortable with sharing your view publicly, please send an email to We’d welcome the opportunity to explore this topic with you further.

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