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We often ask our clients for carte blanche feedback as it’s key to our development to ensure we serve you better. As a Learning and Development Consultancy, it doesn’t mean our learning stops here just because we have a ‘badge’. We too believe in 360 coaching, we gain this from our clients’ experiences amongst other modalities. Here’s what Steve SettIe, Regional Director of CFO Centre has to say.

Outplacement Consultancy 

I was recommended to MATCHFiT by a friend of mine who was retrenched, subsequently rejected the outplacement service provided by his ex-employer and found solace with Lillian at MATCHFiT. He maintained that she understood him better than he knew himself and was an incredible help to him working out what he wanted to do and subsequently finding the right job – which he did!  

Organisational Development

I connected with Lillian though my role at the CFO Centre. Together with her team she completed an Organisational Development project for a Members Club I am involved with and she participates in the Quarterly CFO Centre Business Development Forum that we run. The forum is a platform to describe our “perfect client”, explore our networks for each other. Through her presentations, I got to understand her role as a business coach – and subsequently engaged her personally. – 

Business, Career, Executive and Organisational Coaching

I have been working with Lillian now for 6 months. The coaches’ role is an interesting one – questioning, challenging, reflecting on what has been said and aiming to draw the best from the individual without undue influence. I have worked with a number of business coaches throughout my career and they have all had a positive impact. There is always benefit from having an outsider observe and question your actions/intentions.  

Without being specific, I engaged MATCHFiT because I had a gap in my expectations of myself. Lillian and I spent a number of hours in discussion and at some stage, through coaching partnership, I inwardly questioned my internal process.

When I now reflect, we achieved a lot. I learned a lot about myself, and I am in a much better place to be the best that I can be. I look forward to continuing the process and continuing to develop my understanding and capability.

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