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Paradigm Shift placard

We’re keeping this short and sweet becasue it really doesn’t require that many words to spell out the issue as there’s lots of chat going on globally. It led us to ponder the old adage, ‘ You can talk the talk but are you walking the walk’? Hmmm.
In our work we support a number of workforce, employment, talent and HC challenges for businesses and individuals alike. A change in mindset and behaviour both human and organisational is essential for difference to occur. This is a big part of what we do. Supporting others to find their voice, sustain and maintain the change they want to see. That’s why we attended the Purple Elephant Launch in support of a mutual belief. It’s time to address gender equity issue on a larger scale don’t you think? 
Some say we may not have the time needed to make change for the current generation, but we do for our daughters and sons, their children and the generation after that.
This is what McKinsey have to say about women achieving a seat at the table.





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  • Stanley Ho

    It is time. One that affects all of us. Thanks for sharing!

    • MATCHFiT Consults

      Our pleasure Stanley! Let’s keep this conversation open!

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