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‘Most Important Thing’,  MIT is a question that shows up in a coaching or consulting conversation. The coaching community discuss this at length and in equal parts leaders in business. We believe as ever the two are intrinsically linked (there is a caveat) because you are who you are whatever the circumstance or situation may bring regardless of position or title in an organisation.  Or are we? Here’s the caveat. As humans we have many layers and shades and therefore the latter only applies if you know who you are, which can be a longer journey for some. Whilst we’re getting there the question is ‘Do we morph into the career role and become it, and in return, that defines our natural state?’

Came across a video that provides an insight. It’s definitely food for thought whether you agree wholeheartedly or not.

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  • Samantha Craven

    Great read and watch! A lot of truth in there. Thanks for sharing.

    • MATCHFiT Consults

      Good to hear Samantha!

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