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It’s multifaceted nowadays.

Long gone are the days for the need for anything just in paper form. Technology is making lighter work for the postman and postwoman. It’s also changing the way we present and exchange information including the beloved CV and covering letter. Today, we can ping it across the waves and boom, it’s in the recipient’s inbox quicker than licking a stamp. It’s that simple. Technology has made it so and as it continues to evolve, I sometimes wonder what form it will take in a few years to come.

Right now, there is still the need and I believe will always be a need to write, even if the likes of Google Speech and similar technologies are doing it for you. The fact is, it still boils down to the written word, and as such, the need for a Career Vehicle is ever present. So make it count.

Your CV needs a number of strands to it to make it great. Content, content and just in case I haven’t mentioned it, content.  It’s absolutely crucial. So what’s the recipe for a good CV? Many but here are a few standouts:

1.   Reflects you as a person 

2.   States your accountability

3.   You’re responsibilities

4.   What you do

5.   How you do it and with whom

6.   Your achievements

7.   How your work impacts the business

8.   Look and feel of the document

Some people are in the multimedia, drop down box, things whizzing across the page grab your attention type CV camp. I’m not and I’m not alone. The reality is, yes the whizz-bang might grab your attention for the few seconds as the acrobatics are taking place, but once the display is over, what then? Everything has its place, there needs to balance and it needs to suit your audience. If the content doesn’t match up to the multimedia performance, your CV ends up in a virtual or actual bin. Either way, not the desired result and not where you want it to be I’m guessing.

Like I said, it’s not just a CV that gets you noticed and a foot in the door, the covering letter is key for all sorts of reasons. It too has progressed from ‘Here’s my CV, think I’m right for the role’ type intro. It’s more sophisticated than that. It’s an opportunity to sell you, even when sales has nothing to do with what you do for a living. Don’t stumble at the first hurdle, get ahead. SELL.

Some important points to highlight:

1.   Relevant aligned experience as per job description and why you’re right for the role

2.   Demonstrate how you will impact their business

3.   Ask for an interview

Based on 20 + years experience, I can just about guarantee that hiring professionals are not overly interested in gimmicks albeit it breaks up the day and at times provides a laugh or even a talking point over coffee but not with their hiring clients.

They need something that speaks to them. Piques their interest. Hits them in the face with facts backed up with information that keeps them on the edge of their seats whilst reading, wanting more because they’ve found the ONE. They want the hiring professionals version of 50 Shades of Grey where nothing and nothing is going to stop them until they have you, the applicant, face to face for the next chapter.

Now your Career Vehicle is taking you to where you want to be.

Rev up your engine, it’s time to get your career vehicle tuned up.

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