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Coaching and Mentoring

MATCHFiT Consults takes the time to understand what it is you wish to achieve. Creating tailored made strategies for individuals and businesses, in preparation for the future. We become your ambassadors. Your Coach. We’re with you every step of the way transitioning with you on your journey of change.

We coach and mentor professionals, from entry level management through to Executive and C-suite leadership,  plus those who are simply returning to work after having opted out for a while.   We equip you with the right tools for your next promotion or when transitioning into leadership roles be that an internal move, or  a new working environment and culture.  Either way we’re always working with you in preparation for career advancement.

Listening to your inner voice to help unlock all your talents to allow you to showcase your true abilities.

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Outplacement Consultancy

MATCHFiT provides a very personal service when redundancy is on the agenda. We have the experience, agility and know how to make it easier for everyone with positive results. By working closely with key stakeholders to understand the drivers behind the realignment of the business. A vital factor and a key enabler that will assist the affected parties to transition into new roles and careers with their Value Proposition in place.  It’s important to get this right.

We take this process from end to end, working with you from informing the affected parties to designing and developing a personal career strategy plan to providing ongoing support to keep you on track. We ensure they’re  Market Ready. Focussing on CV/Resume content, Digital Presence, Social Advocacy, Interview Coaching, Behavioural Traits, plus how to manage  and build relationships with hiring professionals.

Our aim is to ensure a smooth transition as this is a difficult time and process for all.

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Business Transformation

Business Transformation is a huge topic with many subsections. MATCHFiT works with you to transition ambition into action into results to increase top-line growth, optimising profit or improving operational performance through workflow fluidity, business process re-engineering, change management, organisational development, technology and training. In essence, the ‘process’  behind the company that provides ROI. We’re passionate about it.

We like to connect the dots for individuals and corporates alike. All in the name of reaching your potential.

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Online Branding

Now like never before social media is ever present. A tool used by hiring professionals, corporates and bloggers alike. It’s key to possess a visible cyber presence whoever you are and whatever you do. Being connected to your role, vertical, industry or company by possessing a voice that highlights your values and objective without being physically present but definitely seen and heard is how we work in today’s world.

A clear representation of who you are, what you do and importantly how you do it. A virtual elevator pitch on all platforms applicable to your industry, your role and your company. Create an impression before they meet you in person. We can show you how to increase your online branding presence.

A service for Individuals and Corporates.

Careers Strategy Planning

Career Strategy Planning is very individual and personal that’s why we take the time to understand your point A and B. What is it you wish to achieve? Where are you on that journey if anywhere? Working out differentiators be that be skill or education gaps, areas where additional support is required plus how to implement the tools learned and your value proposition is in place. We connect the dots and devise a plan of action to get you there whilst supporting throughout.

Career Strategy Planning is the starting block of progressing in your current field, propelling yourself into a new market or picking up from where you left off and looking to the future.  It’s all about making plans for your next steps.

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CV Presentation

Career transition and transformation is a journey, so you’re going to need a reliable vehicle. Your CV, the Resume, Precis, Calling Card, the many names given, is just that. CV writing isn’t something you’re taught, it’s a skill in itself.  Content is what’s important because that’s what hiring professionals are interested in, that’s what piques their interest and keeps them engaged. Let’s get it right, be it in its digital or physical form. 

Your CV is a vital marketing tool particularly as hiring professionals utilise many digital platforms to locate talent. This is your digital voice. It’s the means that gets you through the door, gets you noticed and take centre stage.

Make your CV an accurate representation of you in all forms.  Let your future employer get to know you before they meet you in person.  We can help you with that.

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Leadership and Management Training

Learning and development is a key aspect of growth for any professional. We feel it becomes even more important when one takes strides into management and the higher echelons of an organisation. It’s of great importance to equip your Ambassadors when transitioning into key roles. Managing is a totally different space with so much more to do and think about. Managers and management styles are quintessential to the culture and vision of your company. The tempo is driven by your people managers, your executives. The outside world views your company through your Leaders. With a full portfolio of  Leadership and Management  training courses and workshops, we can help your people develop in  to the managers they want to be and leaders you’ll be proud to have in your team.

Training for Recruitment Specialists

To get the best out of people it’s all about relationships. Investing time  sends a very strong message that your people are valued and their effort is appreciated. To take them to the next level in their careers they need a support mechanism and training provides just that. A facilitator with no other objective except to expand knowledge and skills base to further increase productivity and ROI.  Typically, additional responsibility is given to senior people in the business to train others when no dedicated in-house trainers onboard. It’s a great way to share knowledge but there is a flipside, namely time. Time taken away from key personnel inevitably impacts your business and overloads your people.  Now you don’t have to because we’re here to take the load.

In Country Representation

Being everywhere geographically all of the time isn’t always an option, despite technology or the missing time travel machine. Talent acquisition without a physical presence in country is a bind and consumes hours, days, weeks, which can impact negatively on your business. Traveling backward and forward takes away time from normal business activity for your hiring managers, their teams, and all other stakeholders. It’s frightening the number of  hours lost and cost associated through this process. With world time differences being the number one disrupter, delaying the talent acquisition process is inevitable. We work as an extension of your human resource team, representing your company on the ground, in country, managing your recruitment partners, eliminating all of those challenges.  It’s a great FiT all ways round, for all concerned.

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