Process, Process and more Process.

To some the more processes we have in place the more efficient we are. Not always.

Management Training and Coaching

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Learning and development is a key aspect of growth for any professional. We feel it becomes even more important when one takes strides into management and the higher echelons of an organisation. It’s of great importance to equip your Ambassadors when transitioning into key roles. Managing is a totally different space with so much more to do and think about. Managers and management styles are quintessential to the culture and vision of your company. The tempo is driven by your people managers, your executives. The outside world views your company through your Leaders.

Becoming a manager or stepping into the realms of senior management is not always innate for all.  A percentage of people are unequipped for the career transition. Some companies adopt the fight or flight method hoping for the best, whilst others coach, develop, invest. Statistics show the more an individual feels their company advances them through development training and coaching, the higher the retention rate. Management Training and coaching allows your people to gain a deeper connection to brand and company. Another way for everyone to reap the rewards. Seems logical when you say it out loud. We have a complete portfolio of workshops to address Managing and Leading effectively.

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Training for Recruitment Specialists

Hone your craft and give yourself the edge.

To get the best out of people it’s all about time spent. It’s the common denominator for all relationships, personal or professional. Investing, and taking time to really understand your employees needs to propel them to the next level in their roles. Everyone’s career needs a support and nurturing mechanism, training provides just that. It facilitates your objective to expand knowledge and skills base whilst communicating to your people you care, you’re in it for the long haul and you value them.

Typically, additional responsibility is given to senior people in the business to train others when no dedicated in-house trainers onboard. It’s a great way to share knowledge but there is a flipside, namely time. Time taken away from key personnel inevitably impacts profitability. Something’s got to give, and it’s usually that. Not anymore.

We provide training workshops on the full recruitment lifecycle from entry level Researchers to Recruitment Consultant to Team Lead, Managers, Directors and beyond. So you can build knowledge, increase productivity and retain the one thing that keeps your business going, your people.

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In Country Representation

Be in, when you’re out.

Being everywhere all of the time isn’t always an option despite technology or a time travel machine. Recruiting without a physical presence in country is a bind and consumes hours, days, weeks at very fast pace, which impact negatively on your business. Traveling back and forth takes away from normal activity for your hiring managers, their teams, and all other stakeholders. If you were to add up the man-hours lost throughout the process it’s frightening. World time differences is the number one disrupter, delaying the recruitment process unnecessarily. Your business is open whilst your recruitment partner is closed.

Having an in-country representative, an extension on your HR function to manage your third party recruitment activity saves time, energy and money. Not forgetting the jet lag and inconvenience of travel. Plus it increases the ability to communicate your message clearly in the same time zone and action business decisions without delay, no lag because your company objectives are at the forefront of all activity. This pays huge dividends in a number of ways but most importantly, human touch being the biggest benefactor. A lot can be said for face time.

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Business Transformation

To some the more processes in place the more efficient we are. Not always.

Let’s ditch this idea for a minute and put on our creative design heads and conceptualise. Close your eyes and imagine you’re sat in your office. What does your future business process and people chart look like? Do you see it? A beautiful showroom if you please. Clean lines, modern upholstery, mood lighting and a water feature.  Everything in its rightful place. Open your eyes. What do you have? Grandma’s avocado suite. No order, no continuity and a lack of efficiency.  An eclectic system in working order, but at what cost? It doesn’t have to be this way.

Companies too can enjoy the ‘showroom’ look and feel to their systems and processes. Achieved simply by our people working with your people to understand what they do, how they do it and outcomes. Collaborating to discover and unravel the tempo and direction of your business. Our partnership approach allows MATCHFiT to analyse and solution around the topics of organisational development, workflow, business process re-engineering,  change management, and technology.

We Strategise to join up the disconnected dots resulting in positive change.  At times a tweak is all that’s needed or in others radical change.  All in the name of a more robust business management process that increases productivity and profitability that will effect change and instil balance to achieve your potential.

Change your shape for a better future.

Outplacement Consultancy

Preparing for change with the right tools in your toolbox and support makes for an easier transition..

Working with individuals who are affected by redundancy is a delicate matter. The ramifications of uncertainty affects people in many different ways. We are particularly mindful of this fact and ensure they are equipped with the necessary tools to allow them to engage with hiring professionals with confidence, clarity and their value proposition in place. To get a person to this point we consult with them as we would any other client to understand their specific needs in terms of their view on career next steps, with a focus on remaining in the same industry or diversify. Either way, there are many aspects to consider in terms of counseling, coaching, assessing skills or education gaps and devising an individual search strategy to achieve their objectives. We then break the programme down into achievable SMART milestones.
Ensuirng all the fundamentals are in place to inlcude a CV with the correct content that represents them, visibility within the right networks and associations plus direct links to recruiters in their space. Our aim is to ensure a smooth transition as this is a difficult time and process for all. Our aim is to facilitate our clients with a timely return to their careers.

We have the experience, agility and know how to make it easier for everyone.

Connecting the dots for career preparation and transition.

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